Our COVID Safe Promise

We, like you, are excited about the 2023 Bendigo Ford Fun Run.
We, like you, are a little anxious about all that is going on with COVID.
So, we thought it would be good to share our contingency plans with you to keep you informed.

Alternative date

We are optimistic that our event scheduled for 5 March 2023 can take place, however, we have considered some alternative dates should we not be able to proceed as first planned.

Our alternative date that we would aim for is: Sunday 20 May 2023

When would we make a decision?

On 1 February 2023, we will make a decision if our 5 March 2023 date looks to be at risk and/or if our plans for a safe and successful event would be compromised.
After this date, there may be further changes due to COVID in our community and we would continue to discuss and consider these on a weekly basis.

What would trigger a postponement?
This may be Government rules preventing public events to be held and / or local community concerns about participating in a mass fun run.

What would happen to registration fees?

If the event is to be postponed, we will inform all and registered participants will have the choice of two options:
OPTION A: Enjoy FREE transfer to the next alternatively scheduled event.
OPTION B: Receive a refund of 90% of their paid registration entry fee, no questions asked.

We know you are keen to see this event go ahead, so that is why we are comfortable and confident providing such a clear plan.

The Rosalind Events Team

6 Step COVID Safe Event Plan

All athletes, support crews, spectators, volunteers and officials in our Event Village and event site MUST adhere to the following steps of our COVID-safe plan. This has been developed in accordance with the Victorian Government’s guidelines.

STEP 1: Please Do Not Attend If You Have Symptoms

Athletes, support crews, spectators, volunteers and officials are discouraged from attending if they are showing any symptoms that could potentially be COVID-19.

The symptoms to watch out for are:

  • loss or change in sense of smell or taste
  • fever
  • chills or sweats
  • cough
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • runny nose

Some people may also experience headache, muscle soreness, stuffy nose, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, however mild, you should seek advice and get tested immediately.  To get further advice, call the 24-hour coronavirus hotline 1800 675 398 or see your general practitioner.

STEP 2: Maintain a safe distance

Athletes, volunteers, officials and spectators are encouraged to maintain 1.5 metre social distance from other people at all times, especially around the start and finish lines.

We encourage spectators to view the race from along the courses where it is less congested.

STEP 3: Sanitise

There will be hand sanitisation units throughout the Event Village site precinct for use by participants, spectators, volunteers and officials.

STEP 4: Wave Starts

Each race may have ‘start waves’ at 5 minute intervals.
These will be self-seeding (ie/faster runners in the earlier waves, slower runners in the later waves).
This will depend on the overall participation numbers and COVID-Safe advice on the day.
This will reduce the number of people congregating at the starting zone at any one time.
Each event has a start line timing loop, so all athletes will receive a race time based on the time they crossed the start line, not from the ‘gun time’.

STEP 5: Aid Stations / Recovery Zone

At our Aid Station and in the Recovery Zone, participants will be encouraged to take cups of water from the tables, rather than be handed the cups of water.

Step 6: Right to Refuse

Event officials have the right to refuse entry into the Event Village and / or event sites; and the right to remove any participants, spectators, volunteers or officials from the Event Village and / or event sites if they are displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

The bottom line:

Nobody likes COVID-19 restrictions, BUT if we all do the right things and follow these six steps, we can still have a great fun run!