So, which shoe should I wear to run?
There are so many options, it can be really difficult to know which shoe is best. From a physiotherapy perspective, recommendations on shoes depend on the type of athlete, their injury history and their movement patterns. For the general population however, recent evidence suggests that a simple approach for running footwear advice is suitable.

We should be picking our running shoes based on their comfortability, and how light they are. We should also try and pick a shoe that is minimal in terms of its ‘corrective’ nature, something that isn’t heavily correcting pronation (rolling in). Some people need that extra support or correction, but this is something that your health professional will usually recommend to you on an as needed basis.

Lucky for us, with so many great quality options out there, lightweight and comfortable runners aren’t too difficult to find! Brooks, Asics & Hoka all have a broad range of different running shoes available that are comfortable, lightweight and durable. As a general rule, I will only recommend a specific shoe if I have worn it myself, and it goes without saying that if you have queries about the shoe that will best suit you, speak to your physiotherapist or podiatrist.