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17 01, 2022

Common running injuries – Runners knee, ITB syndrome and shin spints

By |2022-02-15T22:00:54+11:00January 17, 2022|Tips|0 Comments

There are a couple of beauties out there that we see frequently in our running community. Most running injuries are born out of inadequate recovery planning and a ‘too much too soon’ approach. Runner’s knee, ITB syndrome and shin splints are the three injuries we will discuss today. Runner’s Knee [...]

14 12, 2021

Healthy running habits – hydration, recovery, strength

By |2022-01-17T22:31:49+11:00December 14, 2021|Tips|0 Comments

Today we are talking about basic healthy running habits, and how we go about keeping our running legs in tip top condition. SLEEP & RECOVERY Recovery is really quite a broad topic, which could encompass nutrition, hydration, cool downs & stretching and sleep. Recovering from our training is just as [...]

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